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Support Options

General Information

Providing outstanding support to our partners and customers is one of the key factor for our success. Answers for the questions you might have may be found in the Knowledge base at support.dynavics.com. You can also post new questions at that page. Those questions will usually be answered within two business days.

Customers will get the first level support from their software partners. The distributors will provide second level support and Dynavics usually provides third level support.

Remote Support for English Speakers

We supply remote support through firewalls by utilizing a product called TeamViewer.
This professional tool can be downloaded from this page but does not need any installation on your system.

Download and execute English TeamViewer

Deutschsprachige Fernwartung

Für unsere deutschsprachigen Kunden und Partner bieten wir eine Unterstützung mittels TeamViewer an. Dieses professionelle Tool benötigt keinerlei Installation auf Ihrem PC, auch wenn empfohlen wird das Programm lokal zu speichern.

TeamViewer herunterladen und ausführen

Road Map

We are dedicated to the development of retail solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Latest three months after a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been oublished, you can expect the Dynamic Retail for the new NAV version to be released as well.
We are already working on the next release of Dynamic Retail which is expected to be released end 2013.
The next release will contain a lot more functionality such as object replication to keep the objects in sync across your offline store. The Dynamic Retail lifecycle provides ongoing mainstream support for all versions which are supported by Microsoft for Dynamics NAV as well.

For the existing versions we provide support as follows:

VersionBased on NAV VersionSupported Until
Dynamics Retail 2007 (DR50)5.0December 2013
Dynamics Retail 2009 (DR60)2009December 2014
Dynamics Retail 2012 (DR65)2009R2December 2016
Dynamics Retail 2013 (DR70)2013December 2017

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact us or one of our distributors or partners if any questions are left.