To put it straight:

User Friendly
Easy to use and fast to learn – also for new users.

Be Efficient
The advanced search mechanisms at the point of sale save valuable time at the point of sale.

Tie Customers
Improve your customer’s buying experience. The Customer-Relationship-Management-Functionality collects and provides valuable information for your marketing team.

Boost Sales
Cross-Selling, Up-Selling. Manage your discounts and provide information about items on promotion at the point of sale.

All transactions are being stored in the system for years and can be accessed any time.

Support Marketing
To support the marketing at the point of sale, show images and slide shows at a secondary, customer facing screen.

Hardware compatible
Dynamic Retail 2017 provides connectivity for all typical POS-Hardware like touch screens, printers, line displays, scanner, magnetic card readers and many more.

Have it on stock and available

A key element of a retail operation often ignored or underestimated are the back office operations. Dynamic Retail provides a single interface Warehouse Management System supporting all warehouse functionality, seamlessly integrated into the POS and the underlying base functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

All Base Functionality – and some import more:

Ordering items from the vendor – directly or via head office

Managing store to store, warehouse to store and store to warehouse transfers.
Wither self initialted or

Item Information
Get availablity information for any item in the local store the central warehouse or any other store.

In-Store Operations
Functionality for stock adjustments, stock takes and production of BOM items at any time.

It’s all log(ist)ic

Replenishing stores can be a time consuming challenge – but not with Dynamic retail 2017!
The Dynamic Retail Replenishment System provides a number of different methods to automate and optimze the stock in at store level.

Replenish! Methodically!

  • Seasonal Inventory
  • Nominal Inventory
  • Replenish Sold Items
  • Minimum/Maximum Inventory
  • Manual Replenishment

Lucid & Flexible
Group your items and stores, adjust the stock and calculate the replenishment with one ore more of the replenishment methods available.

Your wish is our command.
With Dynamic Retail 2017, you can create the transfer and  purchase orders with a single command.

Everything under Control – with intelligent tools

Dynamic Retail 2017 provides integrated tools to analyze the sales performance in real time.

Create Tops/Flops lists for your stores to determine which items are hard to sell and react timely and follow up with product trends in time.

Collect valuable information
Loads of valuable data, created by Dynamic Retail and the underlying NAV functionality, allow demographic analysis of the data to get a deeper insight about the purchase performance and preferences of customers.

Helpful Sales Charts
The sales charts in the Store Manager Role Center provide an overview over sales prefomrance in real time.

Everything adjusted perfectly

Dynamic Retail can be set up and easily and quick. This ensures the perfect integration into the General Ledger and Inventory Management of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Printers, Scales, Line Displays, Scanner and many more supported devices can be integrated easily using latest .NET-based UPOS-Technology.

Drag & Drop Touchscreen
The intuitive Touch-Screen-Designer with Drag & Drop-Functionality makes it easy to adjust the point of sale screen completely to your needs.

Individual Design
Dynamic Retail provides easy-to-use tools to adjust the design of Dynamic Retail to apply any corporate identity and reflect the company design at the point of sale.

Unlimited Possibilities
The number of buttons to be placed on each page is unlimited.
So is the number of pages. It is all up to you and your requirements.

Perfect Fit for all Industries
All buttons can be linked with any business logic in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
This allows the easy development and integration of any functionality we did not forsee already.

Everything secured & flexible

Dynamic Retail provides a fast and reliable technology which allows replicating data between different NAV databases at application level.

Automatic Synchronization
For all offline stores, they system replicates information according to their importance.
Stock information can be replicated between all databases in a short interval to provide almost real time stock information.

Easy Setup
Setting up the replication is as easy as putting items into a shopping cart.
The system just needs to know what table needs to be replicated in to what direction.
1 – 2 – 3 – ready to replicate!

All others cash!

Dynamic Retail provides bietet practise-proven tools to manage cash at store level.

Manage Cash
Transfer your cash between cash drawers, cash drawers and safes as well as between safes. Cash can be counted in all currencies and discrepancies can be posted to dedicated G/L accounts automatically.
Depositing the cash in a bank account, or taken by a security company for safekeeping is the last step of cash management in a store.

Concentrate on the Essentials
The proven cash management tools save time and allow the sales staff to concentrate on their main task: Selling.